Australian Neurolaw Database
Image by Neil Conway

Welcome to the Australian Neurolaw Database.

This is the first and currently only public database of Australian Neurolaw cases. The database has a collection of both criminal and civil case law where neuroscience evidence was used, complete with original summaries. Once you sign up, you can browse our cases here.

Some of the interesting questions that arise from these cases are:

  • Should we find someone guilty for a crime if they have a brain injury that contributed to their criminal actions?
  • Can we use neuro-imaging to determine whether someone has suffered pain for the purposes of compensation?
  • How can a neuropsychological test help us understand whether someone is fit for trial?
  • Is neuroscience helpful to determine whether someone had the capacity to make a valid will and testament?

We also welcome contributions from the public, through case suggestions, and blog posts, as well as collaborations with other academics.